Ballet North student and company member Audrey Schultz Earns College Scholarship for Ballet!

Ballet North is extremely excited to announce that Ballet North member Audrey Schultz has earned a major scholarship to Oklahoma City University for Dance Talent for 2015! 

One of the primary goals of Ballet North is to provide complete and correct dance education so that students can achieve successes in the real world like this.  A scholarship like this one in the first semester of college alone can completely offset all the prior years' cost of ballet tuition for a complete ballet program like Ballet North offers in the run up to gaining the scholarship, thereby putting students and families very far ahead in the financial game of affording higher education.  Ballet North estimates that the average dollar value of college scholarships to ballet tuition is at least 20:1 meaning for every $1 of ballet tuition, $20 or more of funding for college may be gained.  Looked at another way, 2000% or more in relative value towards college tuition can be earned for every $1 spent on ballet tuition, if the ballet program trains dancers correctly.  A correct and thorough ballet program much, much more than pays for itself!

Of course, it also takes dedication and focused effort on the part of the student to be sure, and so with that we say bravo, Audrey!!!