Open Registration For Pre-Ballet Levels

On Saturday August 23 from 1 to 3 pm at the Ballet North studios in Gladstone Missouri an open registration will be held.  This allows new students of the pre-ballet levels to come in and look at the building, talk with some of our wonderful teachers, and of course enroll for classes! 

While the ballet class program at Ballet North runs 12 months out of the year, the end of August is a very natural time to pick up a new activity like ballet classes.  Even though our classes have been running in July and August the pre-ballet levels are designed for learning ballet in a basic fashion from the ground up, and so new students to these classes just have to allow themselves a few classes in order to "catch on" to the work of the class, but that is how it is with any new activity! 

Note: As always, Vaganova levels for ages 10 and up can only be enrolled in by first taking a placement class.