Ballet North Mission and Objectives

Founded February 5, 1977.  Incorporated as a non-profit January 3, 1994.

Our mission is two part:

1) Perform rarely-seen full length classical ballets that serve to involve and culturally enrich the public by showing the full range and scope of what the art of ballet can create live in performance; these performances are always family friendly because we believe it is essential to inspire and present the art of live performance to the next generation.  A major component of this part is the conducting of the Three Faces of Dance arts education program that seeks to extend the benefits of classical ballet beyond economic barriers.

2) Produce easily accessed workshops and direct-to-school performances of live ballet through the School Tour program for elementary and middle schools that serve to educate and give a hands-on experience to school students about the live art of the ballet.  This also serves to help fulfill the education in dance requirement for Missouri public schools.

In order to accomplish this mission, and following the same model that School of American Ballet in New York, American Ballet Theater in New York, and virtually all ballet programs across the country from Chicago to Boston to Seattle to Tulsa follow, Ballet North sources the members of the performance company from the ranks of the levels in the ballet classes offered at our studio facility in Gladstone Missouri.  Since it takes 10 years to truly learn any art form - including classical ballet - these classes are offered starting as young as age 3 to 4 so that by age 13 to 14 a student who may want to pursue ballet could have the abilities to be a company apprentice.